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Happy Book Lovers Day

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Is there anything better than curling up on a crisp autumn day with a good book and a hot drink? That’s why we’re so excited to celebrate Book Lovers Day. Whether you and your students are fans of fiction, historical non-fiction, mystery, biography, or a mix of it all, Book Lovers Day is a great time to re-read your favorite book, pick up a new read from the store, or reflect on the importance of literacy—especially handwriting.  

No matter how you’re celebrating, check out our top three ways to go bonkers for books!

1. Explore the Mat Man Book Set 

Did you know that our beloved classroom character, Mat Man®, has his own book set? Follow all of Mat Man’s adventures as he learns about different professions, explores shapes and opposites, and plays with friends. Your Pre-K children will love the lively and colorful pages as Mat Man’s stories come to life.

2. Build Strong Writers and Readers with Building Writers 

Check out the Building Writers Teacher Resource to discover the link between strong independent writing skills and reading skills. Plus, your K–5 students will love writing about cross-curricular topics as they respond to fun writing prompts!

3. Learn More About Handwriting and Literacy 

Watch our on-demand, free webinar, Essential Literacy Skills: What’s Missing?, to learn how handwriting can boost literacy scores, review the fundamental skills that support literacy, and discover easy foundational strategies to create a foundation for literacy success! This exciting webinar is led by our experts and offers proven strategies, tips, and tricks for handwriting and overall literacy success.


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