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Handwriting Expert, Christina Bretz, Talks Handwriting with Today’s Modern Educator

August 2, 2018

by: LWT staff

3 minutes

Kids are on computers, and, yes, there is a lot of technology in the classroom today. There also is, however, a lot of paper and pencil work taking place every day in classrooms. Children have to take notes in all subjects; they have to complete assignments in all subjects; and they have to take tests in all subjects. They do all those things through writing. In fact, most of a student’s day is spent using paper and pencil.

Research has shown that work done by hand increases as student’s progress through school, so children need to be taught writing to be successful in school.

Recently I sat down with Today’s Modern Educator to talk about the importance of handwriting. Read the full story here

Check out back to school resources to make handwriting an easy win for your students this year. 

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