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Teaching Tips

Free Back to School Downloads Every Educator Needs

September 14, 2018

by: Monet Stevens

2 minutes

In just a few weeks, if not already, your classroom will be full of students eager to start a new school year. You will finally be able to put the lesson plans that you have been working so hard to finalize to use. Whether your lesson plans are completely solidified or still in need of a few embellishments, we have got you covered.

Keep reading for free resources that will either complete or strengthen your lesson plans!

Getting to Know Your Students and Their Families

Much of the success achieved in the classroom springs from strong relationships between teachers and their students. Learning who your students are, how they think, and what they need are important components of academic success. For even greater classroom achievement, families should be brought into the learning process. That way, both you and your students’ parents can work together to ensure that your students receive the support that they need. Download Welcome Letters to begin building strong relationships among students and their families. As those relationships are being built, you can begin to provide at-home practice with Letter and Number Formation Charts.

Brushing Up on Teaching Methodology

There’s never a wrong time to brush up on your teaching skills. Webinars are a quick and convenient way to learn effective strategies for helping your students meet classroom goals. They can also serve as refresher for your go-to teaching methods. Check out three of our favorite strategy-based webinars before you head back: 

Supplementing Your Lesson Plans

At some point during the year, you’ll probably find yourself on the hunt for supplemental materials that allow for extra practice or more in-depth learning. You can save time and money by gathering a collection of free downloads related to your standards and goals for this school year. We have already started your collection! Here are a few of our helpful downloads that can support your lesson plans:

Making the Most Out of Your Teaching Tools

Just as it’s important to learn the best teaching methods for your class, it’s important to learn how to best utilize your teaching tools. The Learning Without Tears teaching tools are designed with academic and developmental standards in mind. Be sure to take advantage of implementation resources to learn how to get the most out of your teaching tools and to learn the various ways that they can be used. Check out the implementation resources for some of our most popular teaching tools: 

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