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Five Fun End-of-Summer Activities with Mat Man

July 20, 2018

by: LWT staff

4 minutes

Have you seen Mat Man? He is having a busy summer learning new things and spending time with his friends from all over the world. He has been seen in Mumbai, California, Oklahoma and several other locations enjoying some of his favorite activities such as boating, golfing and of course, learning. You can see pictures of his summer journey using the hashtag #WhereisMatMan or by perusing our social channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).

Though our favorite classroom character is extremely busy, he always makes time for all his friends. You and your students can use Mat Man to have summer fun and develop new foundational skills throughout the summer! Here are five ways that students can use Mat Man whether they are in a summer educational program or home with their families:

Build with Friends

Visiting the beach? Take Mat Man with you! He loves to travel. One of the best things about Mat Man is that he can be built just about anywhere. Building Mat Man teaches students body awareness and helps develop fine motor skills. Students, by themselves or with a group, become familiar with body parts by putting Mat Man together. Exercising hand muscles will help children develop the skills they need to begin handwriting in the upcoming school year.

Sing the Summer Away

Spend the last few weeks of summer belting out your favorite Mat Man themed educational tunes with your young learners. Songs advance students’ language skills and can be an exciting way to learn important foundational concepts such as counting and spatial reasoning.   

Flex those Fingers and Draw

When we said Mat Man can be taken anywhere, we meant it! That list includes paper and activity books that house students’ drawings. After building Mat Man, give your students the opportunity to use the handwriting tools that they will eventually write with. Have your little learners draw Mat Man on a sheet of paper. Activities like these are considered pre-writing and can lay the foundation for a future of handwriting success.

Read in Your Spare Time

Mat Man can be a great backseat companion on a road trip. Stretch your students’ imagination and bring out their literacy skills with Mat Man themed books which include foundational topics such as shapes and opposites.

Computer Skills Practice

Classrooms are becoming increasingly digitized. Have your students practice digital navigation skills with our Build Mat Man Online Game. Students will start learning digital skills future assignments and tests given on computers and tablets.

Don’t forget to share pictures and videos of your end-of-summer fun with Mat Man using the hashtag #WhereisMatMan or by posting them under the comments sections of our social channels! You have until July 31. We cannot wait to see your fun and learning!

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