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Ed Tech and Handwriting: The Important Crossover for Success

April 29, 2019

by: LWT staff

2 minutes


When you think of ed tech, handwriting probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But, at Learning Without Tears, we’ve integrated ed tech and handwriting instruction to strengthen learning outcomes. As the classroom landscape continuously changes with technology, and digital age learners and educators try to meet the demands of the classroom, we realized that combining handwriting and technology maximizes success. 

Explore how we build confident communicators with combined ed tech and handwriting instruction: 

Weave Technology into Foundation Activities with Wet-Dry-Try

Our Wet-Dry-Try activity is enhanced with our Wet-Dry-Try App, which brings our innovative letter-building strategies to life with technology. Children love using a tablet and the Wet-Dry-Try App is a fun way for children to practice letter formation with their own personal handwriting coach and audio and visual clues!

Help Students Master Handwriting with HITT: The Handwriting Interactive Teaching Tool™

Ed tech leverages technology as a tool in the classroom and makes learning more interactive and dynamic. With HITT (The Handwriting Interactive Teaching Tool™), we’ve combined our proven handwriting instruction with engaging digital teaching technology including digital letter formations, cross-curricular videos, fun animations, and lively music!

As ed tech blends digital technology with traditional instruction in classrooms across the country, learn more about how Wet-Dry-Try and HITT increase opportunities for student learning, collaboration, and overall success.

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