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Teaching Tips

Class Is in Session: 5 Ways to Welcome Back Your Students

September 2, 2019

by: LWT staff

3 minutes

Now that the first day of school has come and gone, it’s time to get into the swing of the new school year. But, just because you’ve welcomed your students on the first day doesn’t mean they’ve fallen into step with your classroom routine! Check out these fun five ways to welcome back your students while building a routine.

1. Welcome Families with Welcome Letters

Even if you’ve already had family night at school, send a letter home with students welcoming both the children and their families to your classroom. Our Pre-K, handwriting, and Spanish Welcome Letters introduce families to our programs, foster school-to-home connections, provide letter formation language, and encourage at-home practice. Plus, include some fun facts about yourself in the letter and share what you’re most looking forward to this school year.

2. Set Goals

Share your goals for your students—with your students! Remember to keep your goals simple and easy to understand. Whether you want your students to know all of their letters, be able to write their name in cursive, or build their typing technique, children will love knowing the big plans you have for them this year!

3. Establish a Unique Classroom Ritual

Children will thrive in environments where they feel like they are comfortable. Establish a morning or afternoon classroom ritual that’s fun and unique, giving your students something to look forward to! Whether you take a five-minute reading break, kick off the school day with a mini dance party, or have students share their favorite thing from that school day once a week, establishing a special activity will bring your classroom to life!

4. Color the Walls

Nobody wants to stare at plain, boring walls—including teachers and students! In addition to having educational posters hanging on your classroom’s walls, freshen up the learning space with colorful art like our Pre-K Color Wall Cards in English and Spanish! 

5. Tidy Up

Keep your classroom spick and span to make your children feel comfortable. When desks, bookshelves, and learning areas are neat and tidy, students will feel more at ease in their learning environment. Plus, you can make clean-up time a fun group activity with music!

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