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Teaching Tips

Celebrating Moms!

May 9, 2019

by: LWT staff

1 minute


She volunteers for field trips. She bakes cookies for the holidays. She helps design props for school plays and, sometimes, she’s the teacher in your child’s class! She is a mom. And, on Sunday, we’re celebrating everything moms do!

What would we do without mothers and family members who give so much to see their students succeed? What would we do without all the teachers who teach our children all day and go home to be a mother to their own children? Although they deserve thanks all year around, this Sunday, we get to tell them just how much they mean to us through various forms of creative expression.

Your students can thank their mothers and important family members in their lives with these special “Thank You” card downloads. Students can practice forming good handwriting habits while showing some love to Mom. Spark ideas by asking your students to think about all the little things their mother does for them on any given day. Then ask them to think about one BIG thing that their mother has done for them that they are thankful for. Have them fill out the card with kind words or drawings.

Happy Mother’s Day from Learning Without Tears!

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