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Celebrate the Magic of Letters on National Letter Writing Day

December 6, 2023

by: Ramon Torres

5 mins

Happy National Letter Writing Day! While traditionally a day for personal correspondence, this occasion also presents a fantastic opportunity for educators, especially those teaching young minds in Pre-K and kindergarten, to create innovative lesson plans focused on handwriting and literacy.

The Joy and Learning in Letter Writing

Even our youngest learners, who are still mastering their ABCs, can partake in the magic of letter writing. This activity isn't just about creating words; it's about connecting thoughts and learning the art of expression. Here’s how you can celebrate National Letter Writing Day with beginning letter learners:

Engaging Young Minds in Letter Writing

A Letter to Families: Encourage your little learners to write “a letter” to their families. Start with a class review of capital letter formations, then have them write their favorite letter on construction paper. This simple activity not only reinforces letter recognition but also adds a personal touch.

Thank You Notes: Post-Thanksgiving, a great activity is to have students write thank you notes. This not only teaches gratitude but also the importance of acknowledging others’ kindness.

Gather your students into a circle and give each student a flash card with a letter written on it. Tell each student to make sure that no one sees the letter they’ve been assigned. Pick a student and tell them to form the letter they were assigned using Roll–A–Dough Letters® or the Stamp and See Screen®. Have each student hold the letter up and read the letter to the class. 

Incorporate Interactive Reading: Read one of the books from the Mat Man® Book Set. Then, pick a topic related to one of the books and discuss with students. Have students draw and/or color pictures about your discussion to help students develop foundational literacy skills that they will use in elementary school and beyond. Be sure to focus on letter formation if children add letters or words to their pictures. 

The Importance of Letter Formation

The art of letter writing extends far beyond the simple act of sending messages. For young learners, especially in Pre-K and kindergarten, it serves as a vital tool in their educational and personal development.

Developing Fine Motor Skills: Writing letters by hand is an excellent way for children to develop fine motor skills. The act of holding a pencil, forming letters, and putting thoughts onto paper is a complex task that enhances hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

Encouraging Self-Expression: Letter writing encourages children to express themselves. It gives them a voice to share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences in a tangible form. This form of self-expression is crucial for emotional development and helps in building their confidence and self-esteem.

Enhancing Literacy Skills: Engaging in letter writing from an early age lays the foundation for literacy. It helps children understand the structure of language, improves vocabulary, and introduces them to the concept of narrative flow. It’s an engaging way to reinforce the alphabet, word formation, and sentence construction.

Celebrate and Share

Do you plan on celebrating National Letter Writing Day? We’d love to see your festivities! Share your classroom activities on social media and tag us in your posts.

National Letter Writing Day is more than just a tradition; it's a bridge connecting the old art of letter writing with new methods of teaching and learning. It’s a day to instill a love for writing and communication in our youngest learners.

So, grab those papers, pens, and envelopes, and let's dive into the beautiful world of letter writing. Happy National Letter Writing Day from Learning Without Tears!


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