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Teaching Tips

Celebrate Karaoke Week

April 23, 2019

by: LWT staff

3 minutes


Now’s your chance to sing your heart out and invite your students to join in! It’s Karaoke Week, and shower singers around the world are coming together to let their voices be heard.

For years, karaoke has been a tool for letting loose, bonding with others, and creating memorable experiences. It encourages participants to act courageously and take a risk doing something they normally would not, while giving them permission to let loose after a long day or week of hard work. 

Although we often view karaoke and silly singing as a leisure activity, it can be a powerful tool for creating fun learning experiences in the classroom. Think about a song you remember from your school days and what it taught you. You can do the same thing for your students today!

Here are three skills that can be taught by incorporating music and movement into your school day:

1. Letters and Numbers

Catchy songs with memorable lyrics can be used to help students remember the mechanics and rules of forming letters and numbers. Songs can break down complex concepts into engaging activities that students not only enjoy, but eagerly anticipate participating in. Here are a couple of our favorite letter and number songs from Sing, Sound & Count With Me Music Album and Rock, Rap, Tap &  Learn Music Album.

2. Fine Motor Skills

Songs with corresponding movements capture the attention of every learning style. Not only will students memorize important lessons from a variety of subjects, they will also develop strong fine and gross motor skills, which are necessary for participating in critical learning activities such as writing. Here’s a kinesthetic, foundational follow-along called "Ten Little Fingers" that encourages students to move their fingers from the Get Set for School Sing Along Music Album

3. Social Skills

Music is also effective in helping students understand socialization. Songs can teach students how to greet one another, take turns, and many more skills needed for classroom collaboration and student cooperation.

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