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Be Prepared (Just a Little Lion King Reference) to Bring Handwriting to Your Classroom

August 1, 2019

by: LWT staff

1 minute

Many states are recognizing the importance of legible handwriting in both print and cursive for student academic success. Numerous state standards are being updated to include handwriting proficiency. So, the burning question is: are you prepared to provide your students with fun and engaging handwriting instruction? Whether you are a seasoned teacher who has always regularly included handwriting instruction in your classroom or you are new to teaching handwriting, Handwriting Without Tears® has the curriculum and products needed to implement handwriting in an easy-to-teach and fun-to-learn way.

The Handwriting Without Tears curriculum is proven to be effective and provides the perfect starting place for bringing strategic handwriting instruction to your students in the new school year. Our Top 10 Questions About Handwriting webinar provides ways to help your students master the mechanics of handwriting. We have found that generally students who become proficient with handwriting tend to enjoy writing and are open to additional writing opportunities.

Ok, so you’ve watched the webinar and are now ready for the next step to handwriting success! Well, (drum roll, please) handwriting instruction has gone digital with the Integrated Print and Digital Solution. The Integrated Print and Digital Solution is a one-stop, digital teaching platform that works alongside our student editions to provide ready-to-teach lessons. We’ve made it easy to bring handwriting to life in the classroom with videos, animations, music, and lesson-ready downloads. Try HITT now and you’ll be on your way to taking your handwriting instruction to the next level.

Looking for more reasons to bring handwriting to your district, school, or classroom? We have a host of resources available to share with you and your fellow educators about the importance of handwriting and its impact on students’ academic success. Now that we’ve given you an all-access pass to handwriting, it's time to get ready, get set, and write! 

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