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3 Ways to Celebrate Universal Children’s Day in the Classroom

November 20, 2018

by: LWT staff

3 minutes

Happy Universal Children’s Day! Each year on November 20, we celebrate Universal Children’s Day, joining people from around the country and world to promote togetherness and awareness among children worldwide.

Universal Children’s Day was established in 1954 and commemorates the UN General Assembly’s adoption of the declaration and convention of children’s rights. Since we’re dedicated to promoting children’s academic success for Pre-K, handwriting, and keyboarding, we’re uniquely celebrating Universal Children’s Day with different activities for our curricula.

  1. Celebrate with Song and DanceGet Set for School® inspires a love of learning in children from an early age and promotes academic success. With exciting, upbeat tunes, our music develops school readiness, body awareness, and language and number skills. On November 20, turn up the volume and get moving to reinforce learning and celebrate Universal Children’s Day with music!
  2. Praise with Pen Pal Partnerships
    Handwriting Without Tears® builds confident communicators and fluent writers. Celebrate Universal Children’s Day by practicing writing skills and having your students communicate with other children from around the world. Since this holiday is universal, take the celebration beyond our borders and have your children forge a pen pal partnership with students in another country to promote children’s writing success worldwide. Search online for different ways to set up a pen pal partnership and get your students writing.
  3. Commend with Keyboarding and Digital Citizenship
    Keyboarding Without Tears® teaches children how to successfully navigate the internet and efficiently type to succeed on any assignment in any setting. Online communication is how people from all around the world interact and students need to know how to responsibly and appropriately communicate with people from all around the world. Since technology is a key component of the future—just like children, celebrate Universal Children’s Day by reviewing the Keyboarding Without Tears digital citizenship activities.

At the heart of Universal Children’s Day and Learning Without Tears is the desire to help children succeed and make the world better for them!   

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