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Reimagine Ways to Teach with the Wood Pieces

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Think the Wood Pieces Set for Capital Letters is just for letter formation activities? Well, think again because the Wood Pieces can be used for so much more! Although the Wood Pieces are...Continue reading


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Teaching Tips: The 4 Ps of Handwriting Instruction

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Teaching handwriting can be simple! It might seem like a mystery when you think about how a child goes from indecipherable scribbling with crayons in Pre-K to neat and tidy cursive handwriting...Continue reading


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How Combining Handwriting & Literacy Lead to Student Success

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It’s every K–5 teacher’s goal to give their students a strong understanding of the basics. Handwriting and literacy are two of the most important parts of young student development. They lay the...Continue reading


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Reach for the Sky—It's National Skyscraper Day

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Today is National Skyscraper Day!


The term "skyscraper" came into use in the 1880s just after the first skyscrapers had been built. The term was originally used for buildings over...Continue reading

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Class Is in Session: 5 Ways to Welcome Back Your Students

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Now that the first day of school has come and gone, it’s time to get into the swing of the new school year. But, just because you’ve welcomed your students on the first day doesn’t mean they’ve...Continue reading


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How to Build Strong Writers

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We strive to build confident communicators in the classroom through every product we create. That’s why we’ve constructed Building Writers student workbooks, a supplementary core writing tool...Continue reading


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Happy Left-Handers Day

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Today is Left-Handers Day and it’s time to celebrate! Scientists haven’t pinpointed why people are left-handed, but they know that genes are responsible about 25 percent of the time.

 ...Continue reading


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Our 5 Favorite Read-Aloud Books

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For all those who find themselves lost in a land created in the mind of an author or assuming the role of architect in the construction of young imaginations, cementing fresh new words and...Continue reading


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Don’t Forget Your Hands-On Instruction This Year

Before the school year goes in full swing, it’s important to keep in mind one of the critical pieces to successful teaching: multisensory instruction.


As an educator, you know...Continue reading


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Teaching Tips, Announcements

Head Back to School with Our New Virtual PD Hub

Virtual PD Hub

Taking your teaching to the next level has never been easier—and now you can do so with just a click with our new...Continue reading


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