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4 Pre-K Post-Assessment Implementation Tools

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Fall is in full swing and you know your Pre-K students much better now than you did a month ago. You’re starting to figure out what they love and what doesn’t keep them engaged, and where they...Continue reading


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Are Your Pre-K Students Ready for Lowercase Letters?

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The Pre-K classroom on the first day of school is quite a place to behold! All these little ones—some well-versed at saying bye to their families, some crying nonstop, some knowing their shapes,...Continue reading


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How to Correctly Hold a Pencil

Teaching Pencil Grip and Pencil Grasp

In order for children to write fluently, they have to have a good grip. Grip needs to be explicitly taught when children are first holding pencils and crayons. It can be...Continue reading


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Preparing Your Preschoolers for Kindergarten

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Are your preschoolers ready for kindergarten?


Answering this question requires an assessment...Continue reading


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How to Determine your Pre-K Classroom Progress

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It’s been about five months since your little learners first entered the classroom. Together you have trekked through the world of fun, foundational learning with lessons that involved identifying...Continue reading


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Happy Occupational Therapy Day!

World OT Day is October 27! This is a day to acknowledge and celebrate the hard work of occupational therapists around the globe.


Handwriting is one of the most common referral...Continue reading


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Easily Transition from Pre-Writing to Writing

Before a child learns to write, they need to build pre-writing foundation skills to prepare them for successful handwriting in the classroom. Pre-writing activities are designed to foster body...Continue reading


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Keeping Play-Based Learning in Pre-K

To play or not to play? That seems to be the perennial question in early education—and one that has been a hot button issue in recent news. As mounting evidence suggests that children do better in...Continue reading


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Happy International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day is tomorrow! Did you know more than 30 million adults in the United States cannot read, write, or do basic math above a third-grade level? (Source: Proliteracy)...Continue reading

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The Baseline Is Just the Beginning

It’s that time of the year again—time to head back to school, but it’s also time to establish your students’ baseline by assessing their beginning-of-the-year skills.


Screening...Continue reading


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