Sight Words for Kids: Kindergarten and Beyond!

learning sight words for kindergarten

No matter whether kindergarten children will be learning in person, online, or a hybrid of the two, parents and teachers are still focused on ensuring their emerging readers develop a love for...Continue reading

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Boosting Children’s Vocabulary To Improve Communication Skills & Help Support Student Success

Boosting children's vocabulary at home

What is vocabulary and why is it important for children?

Vocabulary refers to all the language and words that an individual can understand. Vocabulary words are used in everyday...Continue reading

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What is Transitional Kindergarten?

transitional kindergarten

You may have heard some buzz lately about transitional kindergarten (TK) and are wondering what it is. Or maybe your child is already in a transitional kindergarten program and you’re wondering...Continue reading

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6 Preschool Math Activities: Numbers, Counting, and Beyond!

Pre K Math Blog image

We are all familiar with the core areas of learning: “Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic”, or more recently, the focus on the STEM and STEAM initiatives. These are meant to remind us of the basic...Continue reading

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Our New Pre-K Curriculum: 5 Fun, Foundational Facts

Blog images GSS new programs

The word is out: the Get Set for School Pre-K curriculum has been updated! We’ve taken our fun, foundational Pre-K program and expanded it to reach...Continue reading

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Character Spotlight: Meet Squawker!

Meet Squawker

It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s…no, it’s definitely a bird! Today, in honor of National Bird Day, we’re introducing you to Squawker, our loveable parrot puppet for teaching preschool students Oral...Continue reading

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Countdown to Kindergarten! 4 New Year's Resolutions for Your Pre-K Classroom

Pre-K New Year

The countdown to kindergarten has begun!

Mid-year is here and for Pre-K teachers that means time with your little learners is winding down. The next few months are all about making sure...Continue reading

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4 Pre-K Post-Assessment Implementation Tools

Pre-K assessment ideas blog header

Fall is in full swing and you know your Pre-K students much better now than you did a month ago. You’re starting to figure out what they love and what doesn’t keep them engaged, and where they...Continue reading

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Are Your Pre-K Students Ready for Lowercase Letters?

PreK lowercase blog

The Pre-K classroom on the first day of school is quite a place to behold! All these little ones—some well-versed at saying bye to their families, some crying nonstop, some knowing their shapes,...Continue reading

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How to Correctly Hold a Pencil

Teaching Pencil Grip and Pencil Grasp

In order for children to write fluently, they have to have a good grip. Grip needs to be explicitly taught when children are first holding pencils and crayons. It can be...Continue reading


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