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Award-Winning ‘Get Set for School’ Expands with Learning and Play Resource for 3-Year-Olds

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“Best Early Childhood/Kindergarten-Readiness Solution” from Learning Without Tears Provides Supplemental Program for Teachers Use in Preschools

 August 22, 2023 – Cabin John MD – Early learning leader, Learning Without Tears, recently expanded its award-winning kindergarten-readiness solution - Get Set for School - with new lessons and activities for teachers to use with 3-year-old children.  Get Set for School Learning and Play Resource for 3-Year-Olds provides guidance, lessons, and activities for adapting the Get Set for School Pre-K Teacher’s Guide. Because of its effectiveness, Get Set for School was recently named the "Best Early Childhood/Kindergarten-Readiness Solution” in the EdTech Awards.   

Get Set for School is a highly successful and effective program, which is why it won the EdTech Award,” said Learning Without Tears CEO Terry Nealon. “Our customers told us that they wanted to adapt the learning program for use with 3-year-olds. This new Learning and Play Resource does just that – it gives teachers materials, program guidance and learning activities they can use with their youngest learners in a formal learning environment. Teachers now have a resource that can turn play-time into learning-time, while using age-appropriate and research-based content, activities, and lessons that are right-sized for 3-year-old learners.”

The Get Set for School Learning and Play Resource for 3-Year-Olds contains 56 activities that are frequently repeated in Get Set for School lessons. Suggestions are provided for simplifying activities for 3-year-old students.  The activities are organized in color-coded tabs by domain that align with Get Set for School daily lessons such as: Language & Literacy, Readiness & Writing, Numbers & Math, Social-Emotional Learning, Social Studies/Science, and Fine Arts/Physical Development. Other key domains that are integrated across lessons include Social Emotional Learning, Fine Arts, and Physical Development.

The color-coded domain tabs serve as a mini table of contents. They include:

-Sub-skills and activities

-Lesson objectives

-When to use an activity with the Get Set for School core units and lessons

-Additional supports and domain specific recommendations

-Lists other domains integrated within the lessons

-Manipulative recommendations for 3-year-old activities

The Get Set for School Learning and Play Resource for 3-Year-Olds was developed based on the national and state standards that most young preschoolers should demonstrate by 48 months.

“Several things are driving growing interest in Get Set for School,” CEO Nealon explained. “The growth of Universal Pre-K, for example, has brought thousands of 3-year-olds into formal learning environments across the US. Currently, only 40% of 3-year-olds attend preschool, but that will continue to grow. There is clear recognition that the earlier a child starts learning, the greater the growth seen in that child, and the greater likelihood for that child to succeed in school. Now, teachers working with 3-year-olds have a proven and award-winning learning resource they can use – something that was specifically created for those youngest learners.”

Best Early Childhood/Kindergarten-Readiness Solution Winner: Get Set for School 

A core part of its Early Learning portfolio, Get Set for School helps teachers keep students on-track for kindergarten readiness in a simple way: by focusing on foundational learning skills, and expanding early learning possibilities. Embedded professional development empowers and inspires teachers with real-time guided and just-in-time learning modules. Digital teaching tools, multi-sensory manipulatives, activities, play-based lessons, and a host of other important educational tools, are included in the complete version of Get Set for School.  

In all elements of the Get Set for School program, teachers are supported with guided lessons and other learning opportunities. Students will access a hands-on curriculum that engages their minds, and helps many kids gain a real love for reading. As a complete Pre-K curriculum, Get Set for School aligns to standards developed by Head Start and the National Association for the Education of Young Children and addresses each subject area throughout the course of research-based instruction.  

The Get Set for School Learning and Play Resource for 3-Year-Olds is available now.

About Learning Without Tears 

Learning Without Tears is a leading early education company offering a proven and unique approach to teaching and learning, from crucial readiness skills in Pre-K to foundational writing and typing skills, including handwriting, keyboarding and cursive. The elementary school-level programs benefit all learners with multisensory, developmentally appropriate, proven practices, and are used by millions of students around the world. Learning Without Tears professional learning programs deliver early education expertise to thousands of teachers, tutors, and occupational therapists in the US and across the globe. The company was given an “Honorable Mention” in the Education category of Fast Company’s 2023 World Changing Ideas Awards. For more information, please see