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Keyboarding Without Tears is a K–5 web-based typing program, featuring touch typing, general computer readiness activities, and digital citizenship lessons. Our unique approach to teaching bilateral typing skills begins with a simplified keyboard for proven success.


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Discover how simple, engaging visual elements like our patented unique color-coded rows help children and:

  • Find out how we teach parts of the keyboard with child-friendly language
  • See a sample of strategies for teaching finger-key placement
  • Discover what our Home Row and color-coded rows look like


Discover the Home Row!

Keyboarding Without Tears uses a developmentally appropriate, scaffolded approach to typing instruction. Home Row instruction is further emphasized by our patented color-coded rows that include “rooftops” on Home Row keys to reinforce correct finger placement.

Watch our Video to learn more about the Home Row

Our patented keyboard includes yellow, green, and blue rows of keys make it easy for student to learn finger-key association and make keyboarding a comfortable, automatic skill.

Our child-friendly language, colorful illustrations, and game-based lessons help children develop the muscle memory and fine motor skills that are needed to progress to automatic, two-handed typing.