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Video Lesson Tips and Categories:


Below, please find topics for lessons we would love to see as well as handy tips to increase your likelihood of being selected and featured in our interactive teaching tool HITT.

Remember, , if you submit your video we’ll send you 6 licenses of HITT! If your video is included in our HITT library, we will also send you a $100 coupon to be used toward Learning Without Tears products!


Lesson Topics for Your Video

  • Pencil Grip, Paper Placement
  • Capital Letters Using Wood Pieces on Mat, or Slate Chalkboard with Wet Dry Try, or Grey Blocks in the Workbook, or Double Lines
  • Lowercase Letters on Double Lines
  • Punctuation
  • Cursive
  • Print
  • Tow Truck Letters (Regular Connections and Tricky Connections)
  • Sentences
  • Paragraph Lessons Learn & Check Music

Tips for Making a Good Video

Video needs to be shot in a classroom setting featuring you and the students.

Students need to be using Handwriting Without Tears products

The length of the video needs to be between 30 seconds and 2 minutes long

Audio should be of good quality with limited to no background noise

If using a smart phone, use landscape (not portrait).

Try to keep the camera still. Use a tripod or put the camera on a desk while filming

Turn on all the lights

Have fun!

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