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5 Ways to Build Strong School-to-Home Connections

Little Hoppers

For most teachers, a new school year means new students, and for one particular group of students, and their families, the entire school experience is new. They are called preschoolers.


One of the best ways to ensure that children perform at their highest potential and simultaneously ascertain that families are well-informed about the happenings of the classroom is to establish school-to-home connections. 


What can Learning Without Tears do to help teachers with this critical family partnership? The following list includes five key ways Pre-K teachers can create strong school-to-home connections.    


  1. Varied and Intentional Communication
    Share information about the types of progams and strategies you will be using in the classroom. Using Get Set for School? Download our welcome letter to share the program with families. 
  2. Pre-K Assessment Results
    Share what children know and can do using informal, Pre-K assessments. Relay key progress details in a simple and convenient format.
  3. Family Curriculum Immersion
    Share your students’ curriculum with their families. Allow families to come in and interact with materials to gain a better understanding of how the program works.
  4. Music Exchange
    Teach families the songs that students sing in the classroom. Access music samples to get started. Ask families to share any fun songs they sing at home.
  5. Writing Preparation
    Have families help children practice writing their names in capital letters. Block capitals are the easiest to learn and get children excited about writing. Parents can also use coloring time as an opportunity to teach proper pencil grip. 


The Get Set for School curriculum is designed to make building strong school-to-home connections easy.  It contains several materials, such as Pre-K Assessments for teachers, sing along CDs for parents, and many more accessible through getsetforschool.com.