Did you know that handwriting instruction qualifies for funding under the Striving Readers grant program? In fact, Learning Without Tears handwriting instruction can be a part of your next Striving Readers grant application.

Both the Handwriting Without Tears and Building Writers programs can support your school district’s efforts under the Striving Readers grant program. Handwriting Without Tears offers a unique approach to learning letters for quick success in the classroom. Building Writers offers classrooms additional structured writing practice that covers key writing standards.

Handwriting Instruction Can Boost Literacy

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Handwriting is a crucial piece of literacy success. Children need multisensory explicit Handwriting instruction when learning letters to be able to discriminate between letters.

This prevents confusion and helps children truly understand the difference between easily confused letters.

In addition, when children are taught to write fluently and automatically, they can focus more on reading comprehension instead of the mechanics of letter formation.


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Comprehensive Literacy Instruction Program Requirements

Here’s an example from Ohio, of requirements for a Comprehensive Literacy Instruction Program that Learning Without Tears can meet. For more information about how our products can meet your specific state standards under the Striving Readers program, contact us.


Developmentally appropriate, contextually explicit and systematic instruction, and frequent practice, in reading and writing across content areas;

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Age-appropriate, explicit instruction in writing, including opportunities for children to write with clear purposes, critical reasoning appropriate to the topic and purpose and specific instruction and feedback from instructional staff;

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Makes available and uses diverse, high-quality print materials that reflect the reading and development levels and interests of children;
Handwriting and Literacy Quick Links
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How Do Local Schools Become Grantees?
Your plan needs to align to the overall state literacy plan. Contact us for support.
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Handwriting Without Tears Research Review
Our program is the most effective in teaching children strong writing skills.
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Standards for the Production & Presentation of Writing
The standards were developed by a team of occupational therapists, teachers, and field experts based on current research
Professional Development for Writing and Literacy
Our professional development workshops feature developmentally appropriate, hands-on techniques for teaching handwriting
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Building Writers - Building Literacy
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Handwriting Without Tears - Writing and Literacy
Our simple lessons offer expanded writing opportunities, engaging content, and a digital teaching component for a new handwriting experience.

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According to the Department of Education, the purpose of the Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy (SRCL) discretionary grants is to create a comprehensive literacy program to advance literacy skills — including pre-literacy skills, reading, and writing — for students from birth through grade 12, including limited-English-proficient students and students with disabilities.

Contact a representative to get personalized recommendations for your schools/districts on how you can integrate handwriting into your Striving Readers program. Speak with a curriculum specialist about your specific needs. 


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