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Bundle Up for Back to School

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It’s time to bundle up! Well, it’s not time to bundle up because of frightful weather just yet, but it is time to head back to school and bundle handwriting student editions and keyboarding...Continue reading


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Head Back to School with Our New Virtual PD Hub

Virtual PD Hub

Taking your teaching to the next level has never been easier—and now you can do so with just a click with our new...Continue reading


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Be Prepared (Just a Little Lion King Reference) to Bring Handwriting to Your Classroom

Many states are recognizing the importance of legible handwriting in both print and cursive for student academic success. Numerous state standards are being updated to include handwriting...Continue reading



Win Big this Back to School Season with a $500 Grand Prize

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Every day, our favorite superheroes land inside of classrooms all over the world to harness their powers and help students. They capture students’ attention with engaging teaching strategies and...Continue reading


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Head Back to School as a Winner

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The Fourth of July has passed, and we sincerely hope your belly is full of all the best summer barbeque food groups (corn on the cob, processed meat, and the obligatory American Flag Cool Whip...Continue reading


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Special Announcement: Explore Our NEW! Virtual PD Hub

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Our NEW Virtual PD Hub is landing on our website on July 31 when we’ll be ready to deliver top strategies, one-on-one coaching, and tips and tricks from our experts right to your home or office....Continue reading


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Today we’re celebrating the top five reasons we love our neighbors in Canada!


French Language

Parlez-vous Français? Good, that makes one of us....Continue reading


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The sun is shining and it’s time for professional development!

Professional development blog

The sun is shining and it’s time to celebrate the longest day of the year! It’s the Summer Solstice and in addition to the extra long time we have with the sun, it’s the official kickoff to summer...Continue reading


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Happy Flag Day!

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Every June 14, we celebrate Flag Day in the United States of America, commemorating our nation’s flag and the history behind it. As we gear up for this special holiday, check out our top three...Continue reading



Win Big This Summer with Professional Development—Plus, Enter Our Sweepstakes

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This summer, we’re celebrating all the ways that educators can be superheroes with the right tools and strategies. Starting the summer with POWerful professional development is a great way to keep...Continue reading



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