Keyboarding Without Tears

More than just a typing program...

Explore our back to school plans for developmentally appropriate K–5 keyboarding and digital citizenship instruction. The program features engaging, child-friendly activities and fun, interactive lessons to start building typing fluency from the first day of school. Learn more→

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Keyboarding Without Tears makes it easy to teach the pre-keyboarding and keyboarding skills students need to succeed with any assignment, in any setting. 

K–5 Keyboarding Workshops

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The First Step of Digital Learning

It may seem as though the digital natives in your classroom know their way around technology. 


However, in order to be successful with digital communication and online tests, they will need to type fluently, learn computer functions, format text, and discover how to interact in many online environments. 


Find out why children need explicit keyboarding instruction in the classroom and how Keyboarding Without Tears is the perfect fit. 

Why It Works See results quickly!

What makes Keyboarding Without Tears work? It’s easy to teach, easy to learn, and easy to set up! Our curriculum covers everything from formatting to typing paragraphs. See success in just 10 minutes a day.


Simplified approach to correct finger placement encourages two-handed typing.

Cross-Curricular Connections

Cross-curricular content integrates with other subjects.


Self-directed, game-based lessons engage students.

Easy to Set Up

Configures to various roster management and SSO solutions.

Grade-Level Licenses

Purchase grade-level licenses for your classroom and get your students one step closer to keyboarding mastery. 

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Teacher's Choice Award

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Bundle Keyboarding and Handwriting

Taught together, keyboarding and handwriting address all the ways children need to succeed with writing in classroom. Get consistent instruction in your school and save money! 

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“Keyboarding Without Tears generates substantial growth in my students' ability to effectively engage with technology.”

Sam G. School Director