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Learning & Teaching the Alphabet: Practice & Activities for Kids

Teaching the Alphabet

The Alphabet: Learning, Teaching & Practice

Toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners are like sponges. As they interact with others in their environment, they “soak up” basic...Continue reading

Teaching Tips

How to Demonstrate So Children Can Imitate – Teaching Handwriting

Teaching Handwriting

Remember playing Follow the Leader?

The Leader showed how to do something while the Follower imitated…what fun! Imitation is a developmental learning tool used to teach and show...Continue reading

Teaching Tips, Home Connection

5 Ways You Can Prepare Children for Kindergarten this Summer

How can you help your child prepare for school?

What a year this has been.


If you’re a teacher, parent, or caretaker to a Pre-K child, you might be worried about what this school year means for children’s...Continue reading