Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

How to Teach Sentence Structure

So, your student can write letters and is developing early literacy skills to read high-frequency words and sound out some new words. What comes next? Sentence writing, of course! 

How...Continue reading

Teaching Tips

9 Elements of Digital Citizenship for Kids

digital citizenship for students

Digital learning has never had a stronger place in education than it does today. Educators are relying on virtual instruction to teach their students during this uncertain time in education. While...Continue reading

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How Can Teachers Communicate Effectively with Parents?

Teacher Parent Communication

Why is Teacher-Parent Communication so Important?

Now, more than ever, establishing effective communications with parents is vital to classroom success. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced...Continue reading

Teaching Tips

How To Clean Your Learning Without Tears Manipulatives

How to clean your LWT manipulatives

With the massive changes our world has had to cope with over the past few months, we find it's very important to educate our customers on how to properly clean our products to keep everyone happy...Continue reading

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7 Fun Fall Activities for Preschoolers

fall activities for preschool

Fall is a great time to engage in lots of creative and educational activities for young children. Here are seven indoor and outdoor activities that can be done using just a few supplies you...Continue reading

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How to Teach Effectively Using Video

Video can be a powerful teaching tool.

Do you remember how exciting it was in elementary school when your teacher announced your class would be watching a video that day? I remember (and I realize I’m revealing my age here…) my teacher...Continue reading

Teaching Tips

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Take time to celebrate Hispanic Heritage in your classroom.

National Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from September 15 to October 15. This is a great time to recognize, honor, and celebrate the many contributions and positive influences that members...Continue reading

Teaching Tips

6 Transition Activities for Preschoolers and Toddlers

Help young children manage transitions.

If you’ve been around kids for a while, or have your own, you know that transitioning between activities and locations can be challenging for toddlers and preschool aged children.  Think about how...Continue reading

Teaching Tips

Top 5 Reasons You Need Handwriting

5 Reasons You Need Handwriting

Children who learn good handwriting habits in the early grades develop the ability to communicate effectively as they share their thoughts and creativity on paper, ultimately shaping confident...Continue reading

Teaching Tips

7 Sequencing Activities for Kindergarteners and Preschoolers

sequencing activities for kindergarten

Sequencing is an important readiness skill that provides a foundation for both reading development and scientific inquiry. This concept helps children learn to recognize patterns that make their...Continue reading


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