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Learning Without Tears is pleased to provide inclusive, foundational literacy resources for Ontario educators and students aligned with the 2023 Language Curriculum.

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Correlations Alignment to The Kindergarten Program (2016) for Ontario
Correlations to the Ontario Curriculum for Language (2023) Grade 1 - Grade 5
UFLI Alignment Documents


When students practice letter formations, they create the foundation for essential writing and reading skills. Handwriting Without Tears® helps students develop writing fluency through explicit instruction. Available in English and French.


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Children need handwriting practice beyond Grade 2 to build cognitive automaticity—the ability to free your mind from the mechanics of handwriting and focus on content. Cursive instruction provides this beneficial handwriting application. Available in English and French.

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    Word Processing / Keyboarding

Keyboarding Without Tears® is a digital resource that nurtures proper typing technique, strengthens online test-taking skills, and builds a foundation for academic success through multimodal lessons.

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    Phonics Instruction

Formulated on the Science of Reading, Phonics, Reading, and Me™ teaches targeted, high-utility skills through carefully crafted decodable text so all children can become proficient readers. View Phonics, Reading, and Me Scope and Sequence.


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    Decodable Readers

Building a strong foundation in decoding text is the first step to achieving reading proficiency. Explore a new series of engaging fiction and nonfiction decodable books that align with the Science of Reading. View Phonics, Reading, and Me Decodable Readers Scope and Sequence.

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    Writing Composition

Effective writing skills are a crucial component for overall academic success. Independent writing strengthens the ability to organize, analyze, and communicate.


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