< class="coh-heading coh-style-duplicate-of-sub-heading-black36 coh-ce-cpt_left_description_image-f840d220"> 5 Rockin Music Strategies Webinar

Thanks for signing up for our 5 Rockin Music Strategies Webinar. This webinar will be posted for viewing on April 27th 2018. We will send you an update once this webinar is available.


Tune in and start off the school year on a high note!


In this interactive webinar, we will demo hands-on activities along with music and movement to boost children’s skills for Pre-K–K success!

Even if singing isn’t your forte, get ready to:

1. Discuss how to develop readiness and facilitate grip with music

2. Identify 5 skills children need to succeed in Pre-K—K

3. Learn 5 multisensory music strategies for effective implementation

This is an introductory webinar. Ideal for viewers new to Get Set for School® or those who want a refresher.


Grades: Pre-K—K