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Thanks for signing up for our Top 10 Questions About Handwriting Webinar. This webinar will be posted for viewing on March 13th 2018. We will send you an update once this webinar is available.

Handwriting remains the primary tool of communication for students in the classroom. Children who master the mechanics of handwriting tend to enjoy writing more and will write more often. As a result, they become better writers and have greater opportunities for success.

During this free webinar you will learn:

Why handwriting is still important

How multisensory instruction supports different learning styles

Strategies that make handwriting fun and easy to teach and to learn

Select, use, and integrate technology and interactive media tools in intentional and developmentally appropriate ways

This is an introductory webinar and is perfect if you are new to Handwriting Without Tears® or want a refresher on readiness strategies.

Grades: K–5