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Learn key strategies for building foundational handwriting skills in your students. You’ll be filled with ideas on how these lessons can suit every classroom's needs, whether you’re teaching at school or from your home.

Learn why teaching handwriting is not only key to ELA success, but all academic learning. Discover an integrated print and digital solution that combines teacher-directed lessons with independent learning and practice.

Combining Powers Webinar
How Educators and Families can combine powers and discover engaging, virtual, and hands-on strategies for preparing PreK students for kindergarten in a time of distance learning.

Summer camp tile
Learn how to design a handwriting summer camp that will be an exciting and rewarding adventure for both you and your campers!

Keys to Success webinar
Get all the keys you need for teaching keyboarding and digital citizenship to children who are growing up surrounded by technology.

Informal Pre-K Assessments are a powerful tool in identifying your students’ progress, discovering areas that need attention, and providing insight in to how you can adjust your curriculum to meet all of your students’ needs.

Discover easy strategies to incorporate the foundational skills and building blocks for better comprehensive literacy.

Get Set for Kindergarten resource image
Enrich your Pre-K instruction with 10 engaging, hands-on ways to prepare students for kindergarten.

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Learn fun and engaging ways to implement developmentally appropriate keyboarding instruction in your classroom.

Learn about the latest developments in effective handwriting instruction and how to implement digital strategies in your classroom.