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  1. Workshop Presenters

    services to children in a variety of settings; including school based practice, early intervention and private tutoring. Meghan has attended all three HWT workshops, including one taught by Jan Olsen herself, as well as the Advanced Advocacy Training (AAT) weekend. She is Level 1…

    Workshop Presenters
  2. Happy Turkey Day!

    a turkey and our owner and chairman of the board, Eric Olsen, fries each turkey. Sounds delicious to us!   By Megan Parker Megan Parker received her Bachelor of Science degree in English from Towson University. She has a background in writing for children that includes working in the…

  3. Our continued support during the COVID-19 outbreak

    company started at home in Jan Olsen’s basement.  While we have grown from those early days, we have never strayed from our fundamental understanding of how children learn. Our products, including our digital teaching tools, provide the multisensory, hands-on experience children need to…

  4. Take Time to Appreciate Caregivers and Yourself

    Their Blessings by Stan & Jan Berenstain   Don’t forget to set time aside for some self-appreciation! Try some of these budget-friendly tips for self-care.     By Allison Anderson Allison is an Instructional Designer and Curriculum Specialist at Learning Without Tears. She has served…

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