Digital Teaching Tools

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Engage your students with our Digital Teaching Tools.  Use Digital Teaching Tools to bring your teaching to life, reduce teacher prep time, and promote handwriting success for your students in grades Pre-K–4+.

Letter and Number Formations

Bring our letter and number formations to life for your students.

Model the steps for writing letters in printing and cursive using your interactive whiteboard or any web browser. Children follow along by using big arm movements or by working along in their student editions.

  • Print and cursive letter formations
  • Number formations
  • Spanish version included
  • Child-friendly animation and language
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Now includes audio instruction and sound effects!


  • Provides another multisensory way to practice letter formation three different ways    
  • Includes customized audio instructions to make instruction easy  
  • Helps children learn proper formation habits for capitals, numbers, and lowercase letters

A + Worksheet Maker

Reinforce good handwriting habits in all subjects.

Create worksheets and provide modeled instruction for students in Pre-K through fourth grade, in both print and cursive, for additional handwriting practice and use in other lessons, including expository writing, spelling, and vocabulary.


  • Additional practice sheets with HWT font and double lines
  • Worksheets include sentence writing, spelling, and vocabulary
  • Now includes Pre-K downloads!
  • Save your worksheets
  • Handwriting certificates
  • Certificates of completion for students
  • Spanish version included

System Requirements

At a minimum, application should be viewed at 1024×768 screen resolution, but 1280×1024 or higher resolution is recommended.