Why Occupational Therapists Love Learning Without Tears


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We Help You Assess Students

Handwriting Without Tears® uses engaging and developmentally appropriate instructional methods to help children master handwriting.

Roll up your sleeves and find out where your students are progressing and where they are struggling with the Screener of Handwriting Proficiency. We also have Pre-K Assessments to see how your little learners are doing.


Learn More About Keyboarding Without Tears

We Help You With Digital Instruction

Watch our Demo of HITT (The Handwriting Interactive Teaching Tool®) or register for a trial of HITT to see our new comprehensive digital teaching tool that works alongside our student editions.

Keyboarding Without Tears® is a K–5 web-based typing program that prepares children for digital communication by teaching correct typing technique, speed and accuracy, general computer readiness, and digital citizenship. Try our free demo today and find out why our program is so effective.

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We Have Webinars that Help You Learn New Strategies

Check out our webinars including: Screening for Success, Get a Grip, 10 Minutes to Cursive Success, Designing a Summer Camp, and more on our free resources section.


Learn More About Resources

We Provide the Resources to Help Children Succeed in Writing

Download our Activity Booklets for Pre-K and our Letter and Number Formation charts. For supplemental, structured writing practice, explore Building Writers student editions for extra practice with writing skills that can be easily incorporated into a writing block. Download sample pages and access all of our sample student edition pages.


Check Out These Great Resources for OTs!
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Top 10 Downloads
Access the top 10 downloads that include free worksheets.
Tutoring and You
This handwriting and tutoring guide will help you get started.
LearningMag PreK Activity
Screener of Handwriting Proficiency
Screen your students in only15 minutes.
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Level I Certification
Train to become a certified handwriting specialist.
LearningMag PreK Activity
Pre-K Assessments
Identify what Pre-K children know and can do to share with colleagues and families.
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HITT (The Handwriting Interactive Teaching Tool®) Free Trial
One-stop, digital teaching platform for teaching handwriting.
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Keyboarding Without Tears Free Demo
Explore activities that address typing technique, speed, accuracy, and digital citizenship for grades K-5.