Get Set for School®: A Proven Success

Our Pre-K program, Get Set for School, is a proven success in preparing children for kindergarten. Read the full study for the results.

Handwriting Without Tears® Works

Discover how our approach is a proven success in the classroom for achieving grade-level handwriting skills.

Keyboarding Without Tears: The Efficacy

See how typing technique and accuracy improved when students used Keyboarding Without Tears® in the classroom.

Pre-K Learning & Developmental Standards

Our Learning & Developmental Standards provide guidance for assessing Pre-K children’s readiness skills in key subject areas.

Handwriting & Keyboarding Standards

Find out the skills students need to hit grade-level benchmarks in handwriting and keyboarding.

HITT: The Handwriting Interactive Teaching Tool™ Free Trial

Try the comprehensive digital teaching platform that works alongside our new editions of the handwriting student workbooks.

Keyboarding Without Tears Demo

Experience the K–5 program for free to find out how Keyboarding Without Tears teaches typing, computer readiness, digital citizenship, and online test prep.


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