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3 Easy Ways to Get Students Writing on Lined Paper

How-To Article

To become successful and fluent writers, children need to prepare for all styles of paper. Many children have trouble understanding multiple lines. Giving children a blue line, a dotted line, a red line, and another blue line and then asking them to start at “2 o’clock between the dotted line and the red line” is too confusing.


Here are a few easy strategies to achieve line success in your classroom and make children confident writing on any style of lines they may encounter in their classrooms.


1. Start with double lines.

Double lines help children place letters correctly, eliminating line confusion. The base line guides placement, and the mid line controls the size of letters. Students who struggle with start and placement on other styles of paper succeed on double lines.

Double lines quickly teach children how to place letters. Small letters fit in the middle space, tall letters go in the top space, and descending letters go in the bottom space.


2. Incorporate line generalization activities.

Make sure you give students opportunities to practice on different styles of lines, so they learn how to adapt their writing. Our workbooks provide activities for children to experience different types of lined paper. They begin with the simple double lines, then we teach them to master all lines.


3. Encourage independent writing.

After students have learned formation on double lines and have practiced on different styles of lines, transition them to writing on a single line in notebooks and have them practice taking notes and journaling on single lines. If you see that students are struggling to keep their writing on a single line, go back to the double lines to help them place and control their size again.


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