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Keyboarding Without Tears Program

Developmentally appropriate keyboarding instruction for any classroom

We teach pre-keyboarding and keyboarding by grade, beginning with the easiest typing skills first and building on those skills as children progress through each grade level. Our simplified approach ensures consistency as students improve their touch typing skills from kindergarten through fifth grade.


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Grades K–2 Early Computer Learning

Keys for Me: Kindergarten

Our kindergarten lessons develop motor skills, introduce keyboard and mouse functions, teach left and right hands separately, and reinforce handwriting skills with typing practice and games.

My Keying Board: Grade 1

First grade builds on pre-keyboarding lessons, including finger dexterity, dragging and dropping skills, finger-key associations, and typing letters and words.

Key Power: Grade 2

In second grade, we introduce engaging keyboarding activities that build muscle memory, teach the entire keyboard, encourage typing practice of common letters, words, and sentences.

Grades 3–5 Touch Typing & Test Prep

Keyboarding: Grade 3

Third graders review and master foundation keyboarding skills, learn number and function keys, format and type paragraphs, reinforce fine motor memory, and increase typing accuracy.

Keyboarding Success: Grade 4

Students in fourth grade improve keyboarding skills by concentrating on typing speed and fluency, strengthening muscle memory, and improving skills needed for computer-based testing.

Can-Do Keyboarding: Grade 5

By the end of fifth grade, students will master typing accuracy and speed, handle standards and testing in higher grades, practice writing paragraphs, and experience typing as an automatic skill.

Reduces prep time Easy for Educators

  • Flexible, ready to teach lessons
  • Only 10 minutes a day or 30 minutes per week
  • Grade-level keyboarding expectations for students
  • Real-time progress reporting at the classroom, school, and district level
  • Robust lessons for digital citizenship skills
  • Classroom and management tools for easy setup and planning

Why It Works Fun for Students

  • Developmental progression of skills
  • Grade-level lessons with cross-curricular themes
  • Foundational keyboarding practice for all skill levels
  • Engaging, game-based activities
  • Self-directed lessons
  • Pre and post-assessments to support individualized learning plans

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