Find Out the Keys to Success for Digital Natives
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Keyboarding Without Tears for Teachers

Build your students’ typing fluency all year long.

Keyboarding Without Tears is a K-5 web-based curriculum that makes it easy for teachers to teach their students the pre-keyboarding and keyboarding skills- such as typing, general computer readiness, digital citizenship and online test prep – they need to succeed on any assignment, in any setting. Keyboarding Without Tears is the proud recipient of the ISTE Seal of Alignment!

Why It Works Typing, test-prep, and tech knowledge!

Keyboarding Without Tears integrates typing exercises with various subject themes, online test preparation, and digital citizenship lessons that are specifically paced for each student to effectively prepare them for mindful digital communication in just 5-10 minutes per day or 30 minutes per week

Developmentally Appropriate

Developmentally appropriate, grade-level lessons promote success.


Self-directed, game-based activities engage students.


Integrated assessments and teacher dashboard help you easily measure and share progress.


Easy-to-use teacher guidelines and lesson previews for empowered teaching.

Get Started Quickly!

Easy to access, easy to implement.

Keyboarding Without Tears is easily accessible from any internet-connected device for both classroom and school-to-home connections. With a user-friendly, intuitive teacher dashboard, Keyboarding Without Tears integrates with various Student Information Systems for simple student setup and management.