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New editions of our workbooks AND teacher’s guides with simplified teaching guidelines and lesson plans, plus a NEW grade level for transitional kindergarten.

Integrated Print and Digital Solution

A new comprehensive digital approach to teaching handwriting is now available at special pricing.

Building Writers

New Building Writers workbooks offer structured practice to build core writing skills with K–5 student workbooks that cover narrative, opinion, and information writing.

Ribbit! Ribbit!

Frog Jump Letters can be a challenge for students. Watch this short video to see how to for write a Capital F.

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Double Lines

Learn how using double lines improves handwriting.

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Take a dive!

Diver Letters can be tricky because they go below the base line. Watch this short video to take a dive below the base line.

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This short video will help you and your students visualize the differences with those tricky words that sound the same but are spelled differently.

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Magic C

The foundation for six lowercase letters is c!  Watch this video to learn how the magic c bunny turns c into o, a, d g, and q. 

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Get everything you need to set up your classroom, provide consistent instruction for success, and save money with new classroom kits and bundles.

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