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We are here for you! Our mission is clear—providing effective learning solutions for today’s educators. We will help you build foundational skills for success with effective remote learning plans and quality, direct, online instruction. During these uncertain times, know that Learning Without Tears will support your students’ learning regardless of your learning environment.


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Reading and Writing Boost
(Pages 2-3)

Explore our print and online learning solutions, dozens of support videos, articles, and how-tos. We’ll help make mastering essential handwriting, keyboarding, and pre-kindergarten development skills successful and fun.

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(Pages 6-35)

Our award-winning Handwriting Without Tears program has been adapted to meet the demands of today’s changing classroom environment. This unique, integrated print and digital curriculum provides research-proven resources—in the classroom and online—allowing you to bridge the divide between school and home like never before.

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(Pages 36-37)

With a developmental approach to writing, an intuitive design, and everything for supplemental writing practice all in one activity book, Building Writers supports any writing block or independent writing practice.

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(Pages 38-55)

Get Set for School features hands-on movement, interactive play, lively music, and child-friendly teaching strategies to help young learners prepare for kindergarten.

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(Pages 56-61)

Our hands-on manipulatives promote active learning to help you reach the many learning styles of your students. From apps to teacher-favorite slate chalkboards, our multimodality instruction engages and excites young learners.

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(Pages 62-65)

Keyboarding Without Tears is a unique, patented approach to help all students in grades K–5 master the essential, 21st Century skill of keyboarding. With practice, you will see improvement in typing technique, speed, and accuracy.

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Professional Development
(Pages 66-71)

From virtual workshops to onsite training, find the right professional development option for you. Learning Without Tears provides engaging, interactive professional learning options, such as workshops and virtual training, that span early learning, handwriting, and keyboarding for grades Pre-K through 5.

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