Music, dance, and finger plays reach children through the way they learn best—through active, engaging, and real-life experiences.

Music boosts memory, fosters body awareness, and builds motor skills in young children. All your favorite Learning Without Tears albums are available on iTunes!

Rock Rap Tap cover catalog
Rock, Rap, Tap & Learn CD

Children develop self-esteem and body awareness as they rock along to 25 songs.

Sing, Sound & Count With Me CD

Reinforce language and number concepts with your children as they move and play to 29 upbeat songs.

GSS sing along
Get Set for School: Sing Along CD

Children sing, tap, and dance along to 25 songs to develop important social, cognitive, and physical skills.

Mat Man Small Group

Mat Man Infographic

Mat Man is a Pre-K and kindergarten classroom character that embodies Learning Without Tears’™ unique approach to drawing with multisensory activities and strategies that help young learners develop strong drawing and cognitive skills.

See the results of how Mat Man is a proven success in classrooms!

Learn More About Wet-Dry-Try

Wet-Dry-Try is a fun and effective letter-learning activity from Handwriting Without Tears that teaches students correct letter orientation and formation. The best part is that there are TWO easy ways to implement this activity. In this article, we explore the Wet-Dry-Try activity on the Slate and the Wet-Dry-Try app.

Teacher and child use wet dry try app on iPad