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What to Gift Your Teacher Friend This Holiday Season

It’s officially the season of giving and everyone is thinking about the “perfect gift.” That includes you and your teacher friends. Every year, it seems like there is more and more to choose from, but this year, we’re making things a little bit easier.

Learning Without Tears is giving you the opportunity to gift your education friends with a discounted workshop. That’s right! You can show your friends how much you care by giving them the opportunity to invest in their careers.

Just follow these easy steps and your gift list will instantly be shorter.

  1. Send your friend the code BESTIE18 via email, social media, text message, or copy the Refer a Friend image below. You can even practice your handwriting skills and leave the code on a handwritten note! 
  2. Share this link to the Learning Without Tears Workshops webpage:
  3. Make sure your friend applies the promo code to save $35 on their next workshop purchase.


Be sure to pass the link along to all your teacher friends to #sharethegiftoflearning! 

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