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We’re excited that you’ve joined us outside of the classroom and we’re eager for you to take a look around. This blog is about Pre-K–5 readiness, handwriting, and keyboarding and is a place for Learning Without Tears to share the latest tips and tricks for creating confident communicators in 21st century classrooms, plus—share news and take a deeper dive into fun and engaging activities and strategies for teachers, OTs, parents, other educators, and students.  


We invite you to join us on our journey as we grow as an overall education provider for readiness, writing, and keyboarding and evolve into our new company name, Learning Without Tears. As we continue our mission to make learning and teaching easy and fun, we also want to use this blog as a way to communicate with educators in schools, clinics, and homes across the world. We’re dedicated to sharing the same great products and materials you love and to sharing new content and strategies to help you succeed in your classroom.


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By Kathryn Fox Kathryn received her Bachelor of Arts in Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication from James Madison University. She is an experienced editor, copywriter, and technical writer and has worked for the government and in the IT, music, and telecommunications industries. She is currently a writer and editor for Learning Without Tears and loves providing content that empowers young writers and teachers. Kathryn lives in Arlington, Virginia with her best friends.


By Mary Wenzel (not verified)

I kind of have a passion for teaching handwriting, and I love cursive. Keyboards certainly have their place these days, and will have for a long time, in my opinion. There is an increasing amount of research coming out regarding the benefits of writing by hand. My pet peeve is teachers thinking that they are helping children to "write" in PreK when they are really just drawing and developing bad habits.
By Nikia J. - LWT Staff

Hi Mary, we are happy to hear you love cursive! You are absolutely right that there is a lot of research that supports the benefits of writing by hand. We hope to continue to assist teachers with helping children to develop good writing habits!