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We’ll See You at Spring CUE 2018

Spring CUE 2018 is just around the corner and LWT is packing its bags!  We are excited to join the coalition of educators dedicated to integrating new technologies and creative teaching methods into their curricula.


Here’s a preview of the cutting edge education technologies and the fun, interactive teaching methods that we will be bringing to you, summarized from


Handwriting Without Tears

While many say that handwriting instruction is no longer a necessity, studies continue to show that it has many cognitive benefits including better composition writing skills and increased memory.  In many scenarios, computer-oriented subjects and device-based learning has taken the place of physical learning opportunities that help students develop essential skills.  The Handwriting Without Tears curriculum, however, combines both movement and technology through its plethora of multisensory methods and its interactive whiteboard tool.


Get Set For School

      Get Set For School prepares preschoolers for elementary school using something they all love: playing.  The play-based curriculum includes developmentally appropriate lessons in reading, writing, literacy, and math.  Children are allowed to sing, dance, move around and use their hands for a variety of motor skill building activities.  Our app allows pre-elementary aged students to hone in on these developmental and multisensory skills while at home and on the go!


Keyboarding Without Tears

      Keyboarding should involve more than just understanding how to type.  It is an awesome opportunity to reinforce and strengthen skills in subjects that students are concurrently learning such as history and math.  The Keyboarding Without Tears curriculum helps students do just that with its diversity of lesson styles and topics.  The program also teaches other general computer readiness skills such as digital citizenship so that students know how to conduct themselves online and test prep so that students are comfortable with computer functions when they take standardized tests.


Come out and experience all that Learning Without Tears has to offer in-person at Spring CUE 2018 in booth #337.  See you there!

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