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Learn More About Why Keyboarding Without Tears is a Proven Success in the Classroom

You may have heard that Keyboarding Without Tears is a proven success in the classroom, now is your chance to see how!  After undergoing an extensive research study, Keyboarding Without Tears was shown to increase typing speed and improve typing technique in students from grades K-5.


 Download the infographic below, which provides study results in a condensed and easy-to-read format.  It also contains a brief overview of how the program works and a few words from students who have used it.


For additional information, check out our on-demand webinar, How to Get the Most from Keyboarding Without Tears.


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By Jenna (not verified)

Has the research on the efficacy of this program been published or made public? I am doing a project on this program for my OT school and am having trouble finding resources on whether or not this program is effective. Thanks in advance :)
By Nikia J. - LWT Staff

Hi Jenna! We do have further research posted on our website in our free resources section, www.lwtears.com/freeresources. Please let us know if you have any further questions.
By Kelly (not verified)

Hello! I've been looking all through the resources section and I cant find anything else about this pilot study! I really want to know more about the methods, sample size, population, etc. Has more detailed information about the study been published anywhere else? or is this infographic the only information that's been made publicly available?
By Nikia J. - LWT Staff

Hi, we are currently working on a more detailed study that will be available on our website shortly.