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Gobble…Gobble…Have a Turkey-rrific Thanksgiving

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The homemade pies are ready, the floats are ready to dance down the New York City streets, and the football game is about to begin because tomorrow is Thanksgiving!

Even though we can’t say we wouldn’t pass up that extra piece of pie or extra serving of stuffing, we’re more excited to celebrate to show our gratitude to our dedicated customers and students who we help get to the heart of every letter each school day.

So, as the pies are being taken out of the oven, take a moment to reflect on what you’re grateful for this year and check out how we’re celebrating Turkey Day!


1. Write a Handwritten Thank You Note

We know there is a lot to be grateful for and as the holiday season approaches, take some time to practice handwriting and share your gratitude with a handwritten thank you card!


2. Celebrate Longer with Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is coming soon and we have hot deals to keep the classroom warm as the temperatures dip. Keep an eye out for the specials that are coming your way.


3. Keep the Kiddos Busy While You Cook

As the year gets busier, we know how important it is to spend time with loved ones. Enjoy the well-deserved break from season’s hustle and bustle. Have your kids play sous-chef and assist you while you prepare Thanksgiving dinner. This is a fun way to provide a multisensory learning experience with counting, measuring, tasting, smelling, and experimenting. Once the novelty of the kitchen wears off, send them on over to Mat Man World to play the Build Mat Man game!

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