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Don’t Forget Your Hands-On Instruction This Year

Before the school year goes in full swing, it’s important to keep in mind one of the critical pieces to successful teaching: multisensory instruction.


As an educator, you know about the importance of active learning. Research is on your side, supporting hands-on instruction to appeal to all learning styles in the classroom.


Here are some easy ways to include active, multisensory instruction into your lessons. 


  • Make sure the student editions you use in your classroom give clear, step-by-step visual directions—especially for early letter learning. Student Editions should also be simple with little visual distraction.
  • Have you heard of the Wet-Dry-Try method? This letter and number formation activity offers children repetitive attempts to make a letter in an engaging way. A teacher writes a letter or number on a Slate Chalkboard, then the student takes a little sponge to trace the letter again, a paper towel to “dry” the letter, and then a small piece of chalk to “try” the letter. This activity is also available as an app!  
  • The language you use to teach letters should be consistent and child friendly. Check out these adorable new videos about our child friendly letter formation. Consider using the same language throughout your writing instruction by bundling your handwriting and keyboarding instruction.
  • Let the good times rock and roll! Music is a fun way to incorporate movement and learning in your classroom. Music can facilitate participation, memory, and help reinforce concepts from your instruction.  

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