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Ribbit, Ribbit: Happy National Frog Jumping Day

frog jump day

Happy National Frog Jumping Day! Out of all the holidays we celebrate at Learning Without Tears, National Frog Jumping Day is definitely in the top 10 of our favorite things—just like our...Continue reading

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Ed Tech and Handwriting: The Important Crossover for Success

EdTech and Handwriting

When you think of ed tech, handwriting probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But, at Learning Without Tears, we’ve integrated ed tech and handwriting instruction to strengthen...Continue reading

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Celebrate Karaoke Week

Karaoke Week

Now’s your chance to sing your heart out and invite your students to join in! It’s Karaoke Week, and shower singers around the world are coming together to let their voices be heard.
 ...Continue reading

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Freshen Up Your Classroom Activities

Blog Header image first day of spring

Happy first day of spring! After being cooped up indoors all winter, your students probably can’t wait to get outside and clock some time outdoors. Before you open the floodgates of students onto...Continue reading

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It’s Proven: Poor Computer Skills Lead to Poor Test Scores

Blog Header Image Girl at Keyboard

We’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about student online test results lately.

From Colorado to Rhode Island, ...Continue reading

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4 Fun Ways to Celebrate Black History Month

Black History Month blog header

February is Black History Month, a time to reflect on and celebrate black historical achievements and culture in the U.S. Since its establishment from a week to a month in 1976, Black History...Continue reading

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Where Do You Start Your Letters?

Student Letter Stories blog header

At Learning Without Tears, we start our letters at the top! You might be familiar with this line from our song “Where Do You Start Your Letters?” and know that little learners love to get...Continue reading

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How-To Create a DIY Summer Camp

Summer Camp Blog Header

Welcome to a special Learning Without Tears “how-to” blog post. Today, we’re giving you our top tips for planning your own handwriting camp. Summer camps can be a fun and exciting way for teachers...Continue reading

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Happy Mid-Year!

As you set your resolutions for 2019, get inspired to energize your lessons with exciting Mid-Year Resolutions for the rest of the 2018–2019 school year!

  1. Stock Up on
  2. ...Continue reading
Teaching Tips, Multisensory Learning, Home Connection

Cut It Out: Try These Multisensory Activities

At Learning Without Tears, we’re all about fine motor skills activities! Our calendar is filled with fun and silly days to celebrate building successful handwriting and keyboarding skills. When we...Continue reading


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