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Semper Paratus—Always Ready: Celebrating the US Coast Guard

coast guard day

Today, August 4, Learning Without Tears is celebrating our service members in the US Coast Guard. This is a day of recognition for the military branch that protects our waters and shore lines. On...Continue reading

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National Ice Cream Day + 4 Free or Inexpensive Summer Activities for Families

Ice cream day blog

Summer is a great time for families to expand their young learner’s mind with hands-on, educational experiences. The simplest activities can teach the greatest lessons and create the longest-...Continue reading

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Happy Teddy Bear Picnic Day!

Teddy Bear Picnic blog

Wait, what holiday are we celebrating? Yes, we know it sounds silly, but we’re celebrating Teddy Bear Picnic Day. So, what is Teddy Bear Picnic Day exactly? Teddy Bear Picnic Day is a special day...Continue reading

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Head Back to School as a Winner

Superhero blog header

The Fourth of July has passed, and we sincerely hope your belly is full of all the best summer barbeque food groups (corn on the cob, processed meat, and the obligatory American Flag Cool Whip...Continue reading

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canada day blog header

Today we’re celebrating the top five reasons we love our neighbors in Canada!


French Language

Parlez-vous Français? Good, that makes one of us....Continue reading

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Happy Flag Day!

Flag day blog header

Every June 14, we celebrate Flag Day in the United States of America, commemorating our nation’s flag and the history behind it. As we gear up for this special holiday, check out our top three...Continue reading

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5 Writing Prompts for a Fabulous Father’s Day!

Father's Day blog header

Dad jokes and ugly ties aside, fathers play a vital role in their children’s lives and today is the day to celebrate! This year, have children use their best handwriting to show dad they love him...Continue reading

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Summer Tips for Teachers: How to Stay Productive & Keep Students Engaged

Teacher Tips

School is officially out, and summer is in full swing, but that won’t stop us! We’re here all season long to make sure you never run out of ideas that are both engaging and educational. Stick with...Continue reading

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Five Creative Hands-On Summer Activities

Creative Activities

It’s almost summer and people are beginning to celebrate. Pools are opening soon, grills are firing up, and theme parks have come back to life. Students can count the number of weeks left in the...Continue reading

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Update: Supporting Our Sailors at Sea

supporting our sailors photo

Learning Without Tears and the students who learn with us are celebrating our deployed service men and women. With the Supporting Our Sailors at Sea letter writing campaign, over 1,000 classrooms...Continue reading


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