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Wet-Dry-Try Showdown: the Activity Vs. the App

Have you tried out the Wet-Dry-Try activity?

Based on the award-winning Handwriting Without Tears® curriculum, Wet-Dry-Try is a multisensory learning activity that teaches students correct letter and...Continue reading

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Teaching Handwriting At Home in 2020

How can you teach handwriting at home?

So here we are, feeling like we have entered an alternate universe where we are supporting our kids at home. Where to begin? What can we do to support our students with learning handwriting?...Continue reading

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Celebrate Independence Day with a FREE Download!

Independence Day blog

It’s the Fourth of July and we’re so excited to celebrate this special holiday in America! Thanks to our Founding Fathers and the Continental Congress who declared themselves free of British rule...Continue reading

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How one Mom found "Tears of Joy" with Handwriting Without Tears

Amanda's story came to us through an occupational therapy (OT) group on Facebook and, with her permission, we had to share her beautiful story of overcoming challenges. Amanda, we are proud to be...Continue reading

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5 Ways You Can Prepare Children for Kindergarten this Summer

What a year this has been.


If you’re a teacher, parent, or caretaker to a Pre-K child, you might be worried about what this school year means for children’s...Continue reading

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6 Ways to Promote Independent Play in Your Child

Before this time of quarantine, parents had multiple roles. Today, these roles are more significant and now require more and more of our time. Working parents are being asked to continue to work...Continue reading

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Distance Learning Without a Device

Schools around the world are closed indefinitely and as an educator, you're doing everything you can to keep children learning at-home. But with so many children lacking access to reliable...Continue reading

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9 Fun Ways to Celebrate Earth Day's 50th Anniversary

April is Earth Month and this year is super special because April 22, 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day!


...Continue reading

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The Social-Emotional Impact of Distance Learning

The social-emotional impact of distance learning

“Why can’t I play with my friends?”

“What happens if everyone gets the virus?”

“When is the next time we can do something fun?”

“It feels like I’m grounded.”

“I hate...Continue reading

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Making Virtual Occupational Therapy Work

Happy Occupational Therapy Month everyone!

In celebration of OT Month, I wanted to offer some information on a...Continue reading


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