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Superhero Teacher Stories

Superhero teacher

Educating the little minds of the future is no easy feat. Today, we're getting inspired by amazing educators who entered our ...Continue reading

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Guest Blogger: Classroom Management Tips from a Fifth Grade Teacher

guest blog

It’s December! You know what that means: holiday parties, hot cocoa, gift giving, and unruly classrooms. Yep, I said it! Unruly classrooms! Friends, it is that time of year when the honeymoon...Continue reading

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It’s Webinar Wednesday!

webinar wednesday blog image

Webinars are a fantastic way to get professional development conveniently from your home or office. Learning Without Tears

...Continue reading
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2 Free Tools for Fall Student Assessments: Pre-K & K–5

student assessments blog

Fall is here and for teachers, that means it’s just about time to start administering beginning-of-year assessments. Now is a great time to determine your students’ skills so that you can better...Continue reading

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Reimagine Ways to Teach with the Wood Pieces

Teaching With Wood Pieces blog header

Think the Wood Pieces Set for Capital Letters is just for letter formation activities? Well, think again because the Wood Pieces can be used for so much more! Although the Wood Pieces are...Continue reading

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New Cursive Standards? 3 Easy Steps to Get Your Classroom Cursive-Ready

Cursive standard blog header

Many states have adopted cursive back into their state standards. Why? Elementary students' classroom time is still predominately pencil and paper. In fact, as the grades progress, students spend...Continue reading

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Teaching Tips: Spotlight on Independent Writing

Independent Writing Blog

It's not too late to start now!


Check out our teaching tips to end the year with a writing unit of independent writing projects.


  1. Make room for one to two-week-
  2. ...Continue reading
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Oops! Thanks for the feedback!

Letter to a Student blog header

There’s nothing we love more than receiving handwritten letters from students.


Big thanks to student Zachary, age 9, for pointing out a mistake in our Handwriting Without Tears...Continue reading

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How to Determine your Pre-K Classroom Progress

Assessements Blog

It’s been about five months since your little learners first entered the classroom. Together you have trekked through the world of fun, foundational learning with lessons that involved identifying...Continue reading

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Why Wait? Assess and Remediate!

You already know it’s important to evaluate your students periodically. But what’s the best way to assess? And how do you interpret the data? Assessments aren’t the end of the learning process....Continue reading


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