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Guest Blog: Occupational Therapy for Kids

Guest Blog OT Kids

Learning Without Tears is featuring a new blogger this month.

You might recognize today’s Guest Blogger from when this rockstar occupational therapist hosted an Instagram takeover for us...Continue reading


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Ed Tech and Handwriting: The Important Crossover for Success

EdTech and Handwriting

When you think of ed tech, handwriting probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But, at Learning Without Tears, we’ve integrated ed tech and handwriting instruction to strengthen...Continue reading


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Celebrate Karaoke Week

Karaoke Week

Now’s your chance to sing your heart out and invite your students to join in! It’s Karaoke Week, and shower singers around the world are coming together to let their voices be heard.
 ...Continue reading


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Teaching Tips: Spotlight on Independent Writing

Independent Writing Blog

It's not too late to start now!


Check out our teaching tips to end the year with a writing unit of independent writing projects.


  1. Make room for one to two-week-
  2. ...Continue reading


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Our AOTA Experience: Making New OT Friends

AOTA Experience

We made hundreds of new OT friends last week during our time at the AOTA Annual Conference & Expo! Our team shared how to make handwriting fun and easy while spending a few days in “The Big...Continue reading


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