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How to Correctly Hold a Pencil

Teaching Pencil Grip and Pencil Grasp

In order for children to write fluently, they have to have a good grip. Grip needs to be explicitly taught when children are first holding pencils and crayons. It can be...Continue reading


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Freshen Up Your Classroom Activities

Blog Header image first day of spring

Happy first day of spring! After being cooped up indoors all winter, your students probably can’t wait to get outside and clock some time outdoors. Before you open the floodgates of students onto...Continue reading


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Preparing Your Preschoolers for Kindergarten

March 2019 Prep for Kindergarten blog image

Are your preschoolers ready for kindergarten?


Answering this question requires an assessment...Continue reading


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How EdTech Is Bringing Learning to Life in the Classroom

March 2019 Education Technology blog

After spending a few days in sunny Florida at FETC, we left inspired not only by the weather, but by all the exciting edtech options that were discussed in sessions and by our conversations with...Continue reading


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It’s Proven: Poor Computer Skills Lead to Poor Test Scores

Blog Header Image Girl at Keyboard

We’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about student online test results lately.

From Colorado to Rhode Island, ...Continue reading


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