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Celebrate Good Times, Come On! Digital Learning Day is Tomorrow

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Tomorrow’s Digital Learning Day! Fear not if this big day has snuck up on you. We have everything you need for your...Continue reading


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Supporting Our Sailors at Sea

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We are overwhelmed with the gratitude and letters we have received! On January 22, Learning Without Tears launched a letter-writing campaign in celebration of National Handwriting Day to say thank...Continue reading

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Oops! Thanks for the feedback!

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There’s nothing we love more than receiving handwritten letters from students.


Big thanks to student Zachary, age 9, for pointing out a mistake in our Handwriting Without Tears...Continue reading


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4 Fun Ways to Celebrate Black History Month

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February is Black History Month, a time to reflect on and celebrate black historical achievements and culture in the U.S. Since its establishment from a week to a month in 1976, Black History...Continue reading


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Where Do You Start Your Letters?

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At Learning Without Tears, we start our letters at the top! You might be familiar with this line from our song “Where Do You Start Your Letters?” and know that little learners love to get...Continue reading


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