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Keyboarding Without Tears for Administrators

Get Keyboarding Without Tears in your district.

In order to prepare students for the digital requirements of school, districts and schools choose Keyboarding Without Tears as a complete digital communication package. With web-based lessons that cover touch typing, online test prep, and digital citizenship, it is the only program you will need to prepare students for technology demands in the classroom.

Prepare Students for Digital Communication Better test prep!

Keyboarding Without Tears provides everything you need to developmentally prepare your children for digital communication with computer readiness, touch typing, online test prep, and digital citizenship. Plus, your children will be typing what they also learn in science, social studies, and more!

Test Preparation

Online test preparation instruction by grade

Early Learner Resources

Pre-keyboarding skills included for early learners

Easy to Implement

Instruction that is easy to implement and teach

Quick Setup, Easy Teaching Works Anywhere!

It’s easy to implement Keyboarding Without Tears in your school and district. The web-based program can be accessed anywhere, from any device.

Simple Setup

Configures to various SSO and roster management


Educator dashboard sharing reports across classrooms, schools, and districts


Year-round educator support, including training and how-to videos


Works on multiple devices and web-based for easy access

“Keyboarding Without Tears generates substantial growth in my student’s ability to effectively engage with technology.”

-- Sam G. School Director


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